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What is a Managed Account?
Managed Accounts represents combining the best elements of direct share investing and managed funds. Managed Accounts have enjoyed significant success in the United States, S and are now beginning to gain significant traction in the Australian market. A Managed Account can be described simply as “A portfolio of directly held investments that is professionally managed”(1). The key defining feature of a Managed Account is that the underlying investment assets are held legally or beneficially by the investor, as opposed to a traditional managed fund, where investors own units in a trust. There are many benefits of direct ownership, including transparency, portability, increased flexibility and the ability to efficiently manage tax liabilities. Another important feature of a Managed Account is that it is professionally managed on a discretionary basis. That is, a professional portfolio manager is employed to buy and sell securities for clients on their behalf, avoiding the need to continually refer back to the client to approve and confirm transactions in their portfolio, thus streamlining the management process
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